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About the FAAWA

In the mid 1960's whenever the fashion industry would meet at a formal or Christmas function, they began a movement to form some sort of association, whose main aim would be to help promote unity rather than bickering between fellow fashion agents.

So in 1967 a committee was formed and Steve Parker was made the first President of the WA branch of the Fashion Agents' Association (FAA).

The same talks were also going on in other states, and people like Colin Morton and Tony Smith would meet up with their Eastern States counterparts whilst on business trips and eventually state branches were set up in all Australian states.

Then through the 70's and 80's the national body was established and national annual conventions were held. Initially these were either in Melbourne or Sydney, but they spread out to Adelaide, Gold Coast, Hobart and one was also held (very successfully) in Perth.

Unfortunately over the years, most of the other state associations have ceased to exist and now only the WA branch remains. But the aims are still the same, mainly to foster goodwill between agents, their manufacturers and the industry in general.

Over the years WA has always had a strong executive to oversee the association and hosts an annual Christmas function which includes retailers, member and non-member agents and/or wholesalers.